Fresh Window Tint X Valencia BMW

Hello Fresh Followers! Just wanted to give you guys a quick recap of what we have been up to, in the past few days. It has been a crazy few days since the last time I posted something, so we have 2 blogs for you today, one dedicated to our friends over at BMW Valencia and the other for Urban Clothing Company Crooks & Castles.
First and foremost, I would like to thank all the people who work over at Valencia BMW, for always holding us down with new clients, trusting us with every single vehicle they sell and referring them to us. We can not be thankful enough to this company, and have been working with them for 6 months, no matter what they maintain us busy, and thats what we love, we love being busy, and putting our product out there with already an amazing machine, the ultimate machine that is aka BMW!  Working with these guys has been nothing short of a blessing, so THANK YOU VALENCIA BMW! If you ever need anything please contact my guys who are the Sales Managers, Bryan & Mike. Now for the good stuff, which is pictures. They gladly sent over to us an M3 & X5, both cars came out stunning, unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture pictures of the M3 after it was done, because I had to attend to some other things, but I do have pics of it being in our facility. Here you guy, hope you enjoy them!

2012 BMW X5

Llumar CTX Ceramic 15% rear and 40% Fronts

2011 BMW M3


 Check out also our new “HELLO FRESH” Stickers for the ladies, as a business owner I am always looking of ways to expand our brand and ways to cater to everyone out there, so I kept getting request for FRESH stickers that were of different colors Pink, Purple and Red. But I didn’t think it would work out too well, so while I was thinking, I saw a hello kitty logo on my desk from one of my clients keychains, and there came the idea of adding the Hello Kitty Ribbon on our logo, since I first introduced them to our Facebook fans, these things have been going like Hotcakes!

Hello Fresh


Alright Folks, thats all for today on this certain blog, About to do a piece about our time with Crooks&Castles!


Junior A.