Fresh Window Tint X SEMA 2011

It’s morning time right now, so I’ll start off by saying Good Morning Everyone! We hope everyone had a safe Halloween, and enjoyed their whole weekend with family,friends,and significant others! We must say this past week was pretty hectic given the fact that SEMA 2011 has finally arrived. We have 2 known cars out at SEMA right now, that have our window tint work is on display. 2 may sound like a small amount but, these 2 cars are WORLD KNOWN after this week. About 2 months ago we were contacted by a Luxury 4 Play founder, which is a forum that caters to Exotic Cars, Boats, and Private Jets. They had recently been told that we were responsible for doing all the window tinting needs for our friends over at Platinum Motorsport. They had 2 vehicles for us to attend to, one of them being the worlds most expensive vehicle Veyron Bugatti and the other being a one of a kind Mercedes Benz SLR Mansory Edition. Both cars have been transformed from being “regular” to being “PLATINUM”. We are extremely excited to see our work out in full display in Las Vegas @ the SEMA Show. Unfortunately this year we were not able to clear our schedules to go out there, but you can bet that next year we will have a strong amount of cars that have been worked on by us to be on display, further showing the class and quality in work that we provide. Here are a few pictures sent over to us by our family Platinum Motorsport & Luxury 4 Play, who are out in full force in Las Vegas.

Matte White Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron Llumar CTX 15% + 50% Windshield

Bugatti Veyron

Mercedes Benz SLR Mansory

Mercedes Benz SLR Mansory

Mercedes Benz SLR Mansory

Here are pictures of when we were working on them. The Bugatti Veyron use to be Black/Red but Platinum made it the only known transformed Bugatti into a Matte White/ Black color. Also, the Mercedes Benz SLR is one of few with this Mansory Body Kit.

Working on the Bugatti

The Veyron Bugatti Before it was Matte White

Edges Shaved All The Way To The Top

Mercedes Benz SLR Mansory - Right after we finished working on it

Mercedes Benz SLR Mansory - Right after we finished working on it

Sorry for the overload of pictures. Fresh Window Tint, is proud of each and every one of these cars that are in display right now, and we could not be any more excited for what the future holds for our brand, we hope to cater to every single one of you who is reading our blog, in hopes that we earn your business for a very long time. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, we treat every single car the same exact way, no matter the shape, size or value. Our relationship with our clients is very important, and the reason we post these extremely high end vehicles, is to show the type of clientele we have, and to display our art on these windows. If you want to learn more about the company Luxury 4 Play, you can visit them @ and also visit our brothers over at Platinum @

Alright everyone, Have a great week at work, and we will be posting more pictures as they come in from Las Vegas Sema Show.

– Team Fresh

– Junior A.

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