Fresh Window Tint X Crooks & Castles

Every so often we get the opportunity to work with high end clients, this one was very special, due to the following that I have towards the Crooks & Castles clothing brand. I have been knowing about them for a few years, and know that their brand has been growing steadily for the past few ย years, they first came on to the urban clothing scene in 2002, and have been killing the clothing game since then. Instagram is a great way to market a company, and also get a chance to actually speak to people you see on TV or TMZ all the time, well to gain this client it had to go through social media, which we are huge in. Chief Crooks, is one of the lead men over at Crooks & Castles for marketing, and the opportunity to work with him came up and we jumped at the opportunity, due to the fact that for us its a blessing to be able to work with people who have made it, We are in the process of building the Fresh brand and can only gain knowledge from this company, on how to succeed. ย Here is a video of Crooks & Castles Marketing Genius Chief!


Check out their product over at
Have a great weekend Everyone!


Junior A.

PS. Shout out to Chief Crooks & Skye Crooks for stocking me up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fresh Window Tint X Crooks & Castles