Our Customers

Since 1990, Fresh Tintings has been dedicated to serving our customers with the highest quality window films for your car. In a span of 5 years, we have built a name for ourselves as the go to company for Exotic & Hyper cars, working on the most exclusive vehicles available on the market. We continue to look for ways to work with the best out there, and make new business partners daily to ensure we are knowledgeable in every field of the business.

Our goal day in and day out with YOU, is to ensure you receive the absolute best service available, striving to make sure we make you comfortable as soon as you walk in, paying attention to detail on every single car is what makes us Fresh!

Your comfort is important to us. Bringing you the absolute best technology in films is something we set out to do since day 1, and we are proud to say we are an EXCLUSIVE Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film Dealership & Prestige Technologies Spectra Photosync / Ceralux Ceramic Films Dealership. 3M Advanced Films Dealership.

All of our facilities have Wi-Fi Access, big screen HD TV, plush sofas, and complimentary refreshments.