About Us

About Fresh Window Tint

Fresh Window Tint was established in 1990, under the name JJ Window Tint. The first location was opened by 2 brothers in the city of Los Angeles. The company later moved to the San Fernando Valley. 20 Years later, one brother established Fresh Window Tint. Now under the Fresh Brand, the business has grown in the past 3 years, opening multiple locations. Fresh Window Tint now has 5 Window Tint Locations, in the city of Santa Clarita / Valencia, Manhattan Beach / El Segundo, Encino / Tarzana and Thousand Oaks / Westlake Village. As 2nd Generation to the window tint field, we know the ins and outs about the business, and always look for new opportunities to grow and give the absolute best service available to our current/past/future clients. We are the ONLY Window Tint Company that has 5 Locations scattered throughout Southern California, ensuring we have a facility near YOU! Coming Soon Beverly Hills, CA Window Tint


To be recognized as the absolute best custom window tint company in all of Southern California. In a span of 5 years, we have built a name for ourselves as the go to company for Exotic & Hyper cars. We have worked on the most exclusive vehicles available on the market. Social media being our biggest strengths, we continue to look for ways to work with the best out there, and make new business partners daily to ensure we are knowledgeable in every field of the business.
During this time we have accumulated over 500 Positive Reviews online, also on our Facebook Page continues to grow with over 5K followers, and on Instagram we have over 150K Followers, who view our photos and work daily.

Our goal day in and day out with YOU, is to ensure you receive the absolute best service available, striving to make sure we make you comfortable as soon as you walk in, paying attention to detail on every single car is what makes us Fresh! All of our facilities have Wi-Fi Access, big screen HD TV, plush sofas, and complimentary refreshments. Your comfort is important to us. Bringing you the absolute best technology in films is something we set out to do since day 1, and we are proud to say we are an EXCLUSIVE Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film Dealership & Prestige Technologies Spectra Photosync / Ceralux Ceramic Films Dealership. 3M Advanced Films Dealership.

For your convenience, if scheduled ahead of time we can offer a ride back to your work or home while we tint your car. We will give you a call and you can pick it up once we are finished. The little things are always the biggest things in our books, so call us and ask how we can help you out today.


To provide the best Premium Window Films on the market, at a Low Price. We offer ONLY lifetime warranty films. Create a great environment in our waiting area, while your car is being worked on. Make it the best experience you have had with a window tinting company. Last but not least, give our clients exactly what they are looking for when choosing window films for their vehicles. Making sure YOU and YOUR vehicle stay FRESH!


All 5 of our facilities are equipped with refreshments, snacks, water, big sofa, and HD TV for your comfort. Also, providing FREE WI-FI while you wait on your car, to ensure you get all your work done while being out of the office or school.

Why Choose Us?

Customer service, we cannot stress enough how hard we work on this with all of our employees. We believe in earning your business not just with 1 vehicle, but by earning your business we have also earned the business of all your friends, family and business acquaintances. Paying attention to detail, with any car that comes to our location we treat it exactly the same way. We believe that the products we have and our customer service will always surpass our competitors. Staying in direct contact with our clients goes a long way. We never shy away from building relationships with our clients, and hope that they keep up with us through our social media outlets to really see how much we work to continue to get better as a company.
All of our facilities are 100% insured by State Farm, rest assured that your vehicle will always be in great hands and will be taken care of as if it were our own. We are the ONLY window tint company in all of Southern California with more than 5 locations. This serves a great purpose for people who work in different areas throughout Los Angeles, as you can get anything taken care of at our nearest facility. Choose us because we simply make it easy for you. Thank YOU!